Comfort Dream 13" - Sleep Luxury "Patented"
Comfort Dream 13" - Sleep Luxury "Patented"
Comfort Dream 13" - Sleep Luxury "Patented"
Comfort Dream 13" - Sleep Luxury "Patented"
Comfort Dream 13" - Sleep Luxury "Patented"

Comfort Dream 13" - Sleep Luxury "Patented"

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This product offers exceptional pressure point relief and proper support for your body's natural contours and spine. It also provides excellent support for a comfortable night's sleep.


1 - MedFIR® Far Infrared Yarn technology.

2 - MedFIR® DW4 Far Infrared Technology.

3 - Cooling GEL Memory Foam ConvoTech-3D™.

4 - Pressure Relieving Cooling GEL Memory Foam

5 - Relaxing WHOLE-BODY  Vibration Massager  System.

6 - Smart orthopedic support. 

7 - Limited Warranty 15 Years


* Perfect spine alignment

* Helps relieve back pain.

* Slow skin aging.

* Helps cell regeneration.

* Helps increases blood flow.

* Decrease pressure points on the skin, especially hips and shoulders, and relaxes muscles.

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Our world-class team of engineers, technicians, and sleep specialists loves a challenge – and even more, they love to deliver the optimal solution for maximum results of a mattress that provides a luxurious blend of comfort and support for bodies of every shape and size.

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