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Meet Our Proud Family

Green Rest, led by owners Vanderlei Goncalves and Rosilene Goncalves, is revolutionizing the way we sleep for a better tomorrow.

Since 2014, Green Rest has been at the forefront of innovation, combining ultimate comfort with the healing power of therapeutic infrared technology. Our mattresses offer a truly transformative experience, providing relaxation, reduced muscle tension, and relief from stress. With Vanderlei Goncalves guiding our team, we have curated a selection of mattresses that will ensure you wake up refreshed, with improved blood circulation and faster recovery.

Crafted meticulously with eco-friendly premium materials, our mattresses not only nurture your sleep but also care for the environment. Say goodbye to sleepless nights as you embrace rejuvenation and wellness, all thanks to Vanderlei Goncalves' vision. Invest in your sleep with Green Rest and unlock a higher quality of life. Sleep better, live better with Green Rest, where Vanderlei Goncalves' expertise ensures your comfort and satisfaction.


Family Owned and Operated
Sleep and Back Care Experts
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Our Proud Mission

Our mission is to bring to your Home the best quality of our handmade therapeutic mattress, made of environmental friendly eco-green non-toxic materials, to offer a range of health benefits and restful night of sleep, which no other type of mattress can match.

We are committed to providing the most and consistent greenest mattress to you, take control of your restorative sleep and achieve your greatest health and happiness, to embrace your goals, dreams, and live the life of your dreams!

Only with PowerMag Therapy manufacturing our green mattresses you can be assured of the healthiest sleep of your life, from now and for at least 25 years to come!