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Meet Our Proud Family

Green Rest Mattress is a PowerMag Therapy Corp’s family owned company established in Orlando, Florida. Through scientific and medical research, we have developed a therapeutic orthopedic mattress, which is manufactured using the highest technology available in the market of mattresses. However, we could not stop there. We are constantly creating and designing new styles of mattresses , always improving,innovating, and perfecting your way of sleep.

Our Green Rest Therapeutic Mattresses are built with natural and environmentally friendly materials for those who seek better night’s sleep in a clean and green environment.To lay down on a therapeutic mattress induces the whole body into relaxation by improving blood circulation, while soothing aching joints and sore muscles. Our therapeutic mattress also helps reduce joint inflammation and supports natural healing.


Family Owned and Operated
Sleep and Back Care Experts
Newest Sleep Technology
Low Price Guarantee

Our Proud Mission

Our mission is to bring to your Home the best quality of our handmade therapeutic mattress, made of environmental friendly eco-green non-toxic materials, to offer a range of health benefits and restful night of sleep, which no other type of mattress can match.

We are committed to providing the most and consistent greenest mattress to you, take control of your restorative sleep and achieve your greatest health and happiness, to embrace your goals, dreams, and live the life of your dreams!

Only with PowerMag Therapy manufacturing our green mattresses you can be assured of the healthiest sleep of your life, from now and for at least 25 years to come!